Structured Wiring

Trusted Home Services offers a wide variety of low voltage wiring for new or existing homes. Our staff has been fully-trained and certified to install everything you need for computers, television, and sound throughout your home.

Structured wiring is both a physical product as well as a process. Often times it is also referred to as a Cable distribution box. In both definitions, it is typically localized in one room of a home and from there, all the data, entertainment and communication services enter the home and terminate at the cable distribution box. All the low-voltage wiring exits in this central point and are distributed throughout the home to supply each room with it’s signals for phone service, TV service, computer service, etc.

All of the outside services (telephone company, cable company, Internet broadband services, satellite or off-air antennas, etc.) tie into this distribution panel allowing the homeowner the flexibility to select what services are available at each outlet. A jack used for a phone line today can be easily changed to a computer network jack tomorrow.

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